Only Professional Systems Produce Professional results

Getting the best treatment procedure for your teeth is NOT just about grabbing one offering a cheap price. – See more.

You will get what you pay for; but may suffer sensitivity and/or irreversable enamel damage.

To avoid disappointment and wasting your money and time we suggest you know what you are getting and know what you actually need for best results.

The right procedure for your teeth is vitally important for best results and safety for your teeth.

Price has little to do with choosing the right procedure for your teeth, with Cosmetic Teeth Whitening it’s truely a case of getting exactly what you pay for.

The correct procedure for you can vary according to just how stained your teeth are, porousity of your teeth, enamel condition, gum condition, medications, age and the type of staining.

It is not a case of ‘one-size fits all’.

If you are not sure which treatment will provide the best results and is the safest for your teeth, we can advise you at a pre-whitening consultation with our experienced professional ACTWTA Certified Practitioner. > See more

How do I know what is the best treatment for me?

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