Teeth Whitening Training
Teeth Whitening Training
Teeth Whitening Training

Professional Teeth Whitening Training

ATWTA Teeth Whitening Aesthetician Certification


You don’t need any previous experience
We train from beginners to experienced dentists

The ATWTA Teeth Whitening Training & Certification Program

Teeth Whitening Training

This ATWTA Training and Certification Program

On completion of the Professional Aestheticians course, Graduates get respected and trusted ATWTA Certification

You owe your clients professionalism – right?

The ATWTA advanced training program was developed with the contributions of more than 200 Dentists, Chemists, and some of the World’s foremost Teeth Whitening authorities and Researchers.

It is widely recognised as the world’s most comprehensive professional training program

ATWTA Training is Supported by More than 200 Dentists, Chemists and Global Experts

Teeth Whitening Training

Ignorance is NOT bliss.

Professional Training backed by more than 20-years’ experience, innovation and more than 8-Million Teeth Whitening’s

What is a Teeth Whitening Aesthetician

Teeth Whitening Machines for Professionals

What is a Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Aesthetician

Because teeth whitening is not a health treatment and only performed for beautification & appearance-enhancement it is classified as a beauty treatment (see here) 

That means you don’t require any special qualifications other than a Professional Training course

The Teeth Whitening Training Course

The ATWTA advanced teeth whitening training course is provides professional training for both dentists and non-dentists

Free ATWTA Training and Certification

Teeth Whitening Training

When you invest in a ATWTA Professional Business Start-Up Package you get the very latest ULTRASONIC Technology

And included FREE, you get your ATWTA training for up to two people from the same business worth $2,900 when bought separately

How your training works:

Teeth Whitening Training

You will get the same Training we give Dentists who use our World Leading Ultrasonically Enhanced Teeth Whitening Systems

Our Australasian training support team have whitened more than 16,000 teeth and trained hundreds of Practitioners

They have educated Dentists Internationally and have been Popular Keynote speakers at Dental Conference >> SEE HERE

Your Training is provided in FOUR Modules:

  1. Theory
  2. Practical
  3. MarketingAll the resources you need to create a parade of clients wanting your services
  4. Support From Globally Recognised Experts

Your THEORY training is a self-study course that takes you about 6-7 days.

This is followed by a 30-Question Knowledge Review

Your PRACTICAL Training:

Following your week (approx.) of THEORY study, you attend one of our PRACTICAL Training Workshops where you will learn how to best set-up your Clinic, how to apply the whitening gel safely, how to assess your client’s needs, ‘red flags’ to watch out for, Tooth and Gum conditions, Contraindications, how to use your machine for the whitest results.

PLUS: How to relate to Clients, Client Comfort, Informed Consent, Aftercare protocols, Profit Increasing Strategies, Add-On sales, How to Build a Business rather than just supply a service, and much more.

Then together with you, we whiten the teeth of real people. Often you and others.

In preparation for your PRACTICAL Training Day, you will be sent a Practical Training Module that consists of a Practical Manual to study, and five ‘How Too’ Videos to watch

Remote Learning:
If due to distance, Covid restrictions or other reasons you are unable to attend a training workshop, we have a correspondence course available. You get manuals, videos and live ‘on-on-one’ calls with your state trainer as we oversee your first whitening’s. Due to the on-on-one nature of the Remote Learning course there is a small extra administration fee

At the end of the ATWTA Education Program, you become a Fully Qualified ATWTA Certified Practitioner

AND we don’t just stop there…

  • Once you are ‘up and running’, you get all the ongoing help you need from caring International Experts, FREE
  • PLUS, you can purchase your ongoing Consumables and Medical Grade, AU compliant whitening Gels at LOW WHOLESALE PRICES – for as little as $9.50 per client

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Professional Equipment?

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