Teeth Whitening Training
Teeth Whitening Training

Australia’s #1 Teeth Whitening Professional Training Provider and ‘One Stop’ Wholesale Supplier of Teeth Whitening Equipment & Consumables

The AUSTRALIAN TEETH WHITENING TRAINING ACADEMY provides professional training courses for both dentists and non-dentists and operate with the entire professional support of the Dentists, Chemists & Global Teeth Whitening experts of the World’s foremost Teeth Whitening authority Beyond International Inc and it’s Dentist Founder, Dr Jenny Shen, DDS.

Professional Training Academy

The AUSTRALIAN TEETH WHITENING TRAINING ACADEMY offers a Professional Teeth Whitening Practitioners Training Course that is the ONLY Curriculum officially recognised by the ATWTA as qualifying start-up trainees for the opportunities of becoming trusted ATWTA Certified Practitioners.


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Teeth Whitening Business Start-Up Packages


  • Clinic Equipment (Treatment Chairs, Practitioner Trolley, Shade Guide etc)

Clinic Consumables

  • Clinic Consumables
  • Dentist Grades Products you can sell

Professional Highest Quality Medical-Grade Whitening Gels

Repairs & Servicing

We know the best machines ‘inside out’

Do you Qualify to Buy at Wholesale prices?

If you are already in business, (Dentist, or in the Beauty/Appearance Enhancement Industry) OR you are just starting a new Teeth Whitening business, then you qualify to buy wholesale from us.

That means you get everything in a Start-Up Package at Wholesale prices; that is for LESS than the RRP of just the light alone.

Plus, we can supply you with Professional Use Only, Medical Grade whitening gel and other clinic consumables at wholesale prices

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