Poor Results Check List

1. Clients must not brush their teeth with tooth paste within 4 hours of the beginning of their treatment. Most toothpastes contain fillers that can block enamel pores. A good brush the night before, then either water brush, or salt in water brush next morning.
2. Access your client’s needs – badly stained teeth, tetracycline, and fluorous conditions may require an extra treatment cycles.
3. Teeth must be very dry before the first and each successive application of whitening gel. Any dampness can dilute the gel.
4. The gel works best when applied thinly – too thick and light refraction can limit results. A small dab on each tooth, then spread thinly over the tooth using a ball tip or brush applicator is sufficient. Work one quadrant at a time.
5. IMPORTANT: Because the remaining gel in the syringe mixing tip has been previously mixed with the catalyst, it is ‘spent’ and will not work. Therefore, Gel from the previous cycle within the mixing tip must be expressed out before applying to the teeth on the 2nd and 3rd cycles (or more) –. Express about 10-mm before applying fresh gel to the teeth. Likewise dab to absorb ‘spent’ gel from the whitening gel applicator tool or brush between treatment cycles.
6. If you are using a syringe from another supplier and it is clear plastic, DO NOT leave it in the light as your clinic lights will activate it and render it less effective, or useless. That is why all our gels are in light proof syringes.
7. Gel applied during the 2nd & 3rd cycles must be spread in tiny circles, or like, to ensure the fresh gel is mixed with any tiny amount of residual gel that could block the fresh gel from directly contacting the tooth.
7. Whatever happens, do not allow the client to rinse there mouth during the procedure. Any water that enters the open enamel pores will dilute the gel and block results. if so, you may need to start again, or at least do an extra treatment cycle.

FINALLY, Don’t be tempted to save time by doing 2 x 30-min cycles rather than 3 x 20-min cycles.

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