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NON PEROXIDE Teeth Whitening Gels

Get the facts, not misleading sales hype

Almost all Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening gels containing Sodium Perborate are banned without exception by EU > See Here

Not new at all

So called “Non Peroxide” Teeth Whitening Gels are NOT new and NOT revolutionary, they have been about for almost 10-years and majority use SODIUM PERBORATE to ‘whiten’ teeth.

The facts

Contrary to misleading ‘non-peroxide’ claims that they contain no hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, here are the facts.

1. Sodium Perborate IS MADE FROM Hydrogen Peroxide

“Sodium perborate is manufactured by reaction of disodium tetraborate pentahydrate (BORAX), HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, and sodium hydroxide (CAUSTIC SODA).[1]

2. Sodium Perborate PRODUCES Hydrogen Peroxide

“Sodium perborate undergoes hydrolysis in contact with water (such as saliva), producing HYDROGEN PEROXIDE and borate

3. Sodium Perborate is a SALT

Salt dehydrates teeth causing a LIGHTER colour.
This initially gives the appearance of being whiter, however, this is short lived because teeth rehydrate from your saliva.

WARNING: such lighter results can last LESS THAN 1-WEEK

There is a big difference between BRIGHTENING teeth and actually WHITENING Teeth

Peroxides are ‘true’ bleachs that are scientifically proven to WHITEN teeth – they do not contain salts that can merely temporarily BRIGHTEN teeth by dehydrating them, rather than WHITENING them by bleaching out staining in the enamel.

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