Teeth Whitening Training

Invasive Lip and Gum Protection required by older teeth whitening systems

Gum and Lips Preparation

Older Cosmetic Teeth Whitening systems use a very high strength bleach (35%HP) which can cause painful sensitivity. Dentists warn it can also cause enamel damage, lip and gum chemical burns.

This system is still widely used by many Dentists who have not kept up with recent research advancements within their industry.

Why Risk Dangerous Whitening Gels

Because this older bleaching method is 580% more caustic than new safer cosmetic alternatives, even in the hands of experienced dentists it requires extensive lip and gum protection. See Photo.

What is more, some old technology LASER and Plasma Arc lights require sunburn protection from UV rays too.

Given the obvious high risks involved, we do not recommend this method

NEW Safer Whitening Gels no longer require uncomfortable gum protection

Modern, Safer Teeth Whitening

Safer Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Systems do not require such invasive uncomfortable preparation. See Photo

Environmentally friendly too

Within 30-minutes the new safer gels we use breakdown into Water & Oxygen.

It’s scary what risks people will take in search of the next great brightening method, especially when research has shown that whitening with a 6% solution is just as effective as using a more powerful formula, without the dangerous side effects”

Source American Dental Association
05 Nov 2018 Dr.Adam S. Harwood, DMD Todays Dental News

40 Clinical Studies on New Products clinically proven safe to use without gum protection
*Effects of tooth whitening and orange juice on surface properties Yan-Fang Ren *, Azadeh Amin, Hans Malmstrom University of Rochester Eastman Dental Centre, 625 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, 14620, NY, United States; Accepted 26 January 2009
Their findings that the Beyond 6% HP whitening gel was safer than Orange juice* on teeth surface properties was published in Journal of Dentistry.
Safer than Orange Juice
Note: This report by Eastman Dental Centre also contains reference to 45 other clinical studies

In addition:
DENTIST PRESCRIBED teeth whitening using trays without any protective barrier Effectiveness of Dentist-Prescribed, Home-Applied Tooth Whitening, Published in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice. A Meta-analysis by Researchers: Richard Niederman DMD, MS; Maggie C Tantraphol; Patricia Slinin.DMD; Catherine Hayes, DMD, DMSc; Suzy Conway MLS
Note: This report cites reference to 32 other clinical studies

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Other Clinical studies on BARRIER FREE products:
(1) Clinical Study Protocol Number: EBRIGHT-2007-01) Study prepared by YANFANG REN, D.D.S., Ph.D., MPH Associate Professor and Associate Chair Division of General Dentistry University of Rochester Eastman Dental Centre using a 6%HP gel painted onto teeth and using a light Accelerator in a barrier free environment
(2) 12-Month Post-Treatment Safety and Efficacy of 10% Hydrogen Peroxide Strips R.W. GERLACH1, M.L. BARKER1, L.A. BOWMAN1, L. BENZ2,
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(3) Clinical Trial Comparing Daytime and Overnight Tooth Whitening Systems (10% hydrogen peroxide) K. KARPINIA1, I. MAGNUSSON1, M.L. BARKER2, and
R.W. GERLACH2 1 University of Florida, Gainesville, USA 2 P&G, Mason, OH, USA
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(7) Surface Wettability of Oral Surfaces During Vital Tooth Bleaching H.J. BUSSCHER1, D. WHITE2, M.J. GIBCUS1, and H.C. VAN DER MEI1 1 University of Groningen, Thesinge, Netherlands 2 P&G, Mason, OH, USA
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