Teeth Whitening Training

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Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening
Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening

What did you see first?

Teeth Whitening

What did you see first?

The missing tooth or missing eyebrow?

This is exactly why a WHITENED smile is more important than any other appearance-enhancement treatment you provide

See how you can add teeth whitening to your business, or start your own teeth whitening business

Professional Teeth Whitening Training with ATWTA Aesthetician Certification

You do not need any previous experience
We train from beginners to experienced dentists

Teeth Whitening Training

Get Started in Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Training

You can now add teeth whitening to your Dental Office, Beauty Business, or start your own teeth whitening business

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The most advanced Ultrasonically Enhanced Equipment is now available in Australia

You get the choice from two

  1. Polus ULTRA (on Left) for Dental offices and full-time Teeth Whitening Lounges
  2. Beyond II ULTRA for Dental Offices and the Aesthetics industry

The World’s Safest Medical-Grade, Professional Use, Whitening Gels


PAIN-FREE ‘Professional Use Only’ Teeth Whitening Gels

Advanced formula, medical-grade whitening gel will safely remove the stains found deep inside the tooth enamel


  • NO Painful Sensitivity
  • NO Irritated Gums
  • NO Non-Reversible Enamel Damage

Only available to Dentists and ATWTA Certified Aestheticians at low Wholesale Prices from our online Wholesale Shop

One-Stop for Training, Equipment and Consumables

Teeth Whitening Training

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Wholesale supplier of affordable ‘ready to start’ Dentist Grade Teeth Whitening Business Start-Up packages that INCLUDE free training. AND, once you get going, you can get all your Clinic Consumables from our convenient 24/7 online wholesale shop

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